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Know your collar

Fabric. Check. Cut. Check. Colour. Check. Pattern. Check. Fit. Check. Proceed to checkout. Wait a minute. Did you just buy a shirt without running more than a cursory glance at the collar? Surprisingly, collars are often completely ignored while buying a shirt; this despite the fact that collars are the most visible part of your shirt (along with the cuffs) when you put on a jacket. Here are all the collars that you should know of.
turndown types of collars
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Turndown Collar
One of the most basic collars that are commonly worn, the turndown collar is pretty self-explanatory. The collars are turned down to form a triangle. There are many variations to the turndown, but they can be broadly divided into the point collar and the cutaway collar.
Point Collar
The point is so called because the collar is cut such that the collar points are quite close to each other. Sometimes they tend to hide the top portion of the tie. Closely set, longer collar points draw attention towards the tie and away from the face, and moderately cut points frame the tie while creating an arrow effect pointing towards the face.
Spread Collar
Contrary to the point collar, the spread collar has points that are cut away or spread away from each other. They are perfect for showing off elaborate and wider tie knots like the Windsor and also display the upper shirt area more prominently. The Cutaway spread collar is the widest collar and is best worn by thin gentlemen to create wider proportions. The English or Medium Spread collar is the middle ground in spread collars and is perfect to show off the Windsor knot.
Button Down Collar
These were first made for polo players and are best suited for when you don’t want to wear a tie. Button down collars are seen in casual shirts. The collars have small buttonholes at the tip of the each point that must be fastened onto the small buttons on each side of the shirtfront. They are not ideal for when you want to put on a tie but a lot of men do it anyway. However, going around with the buttons undone remains a fashion faux pas.
Pin Collar
A rare find, the pin collar is one of the lesser known collar styles. It has small holes at each point through which you can insert a decorative pin or bar. The pin or bar pushes the tie knot forward and up, and adds to the overall look of the ensemble. It is an attention grabbing collar and is never to be worn without a tie.
Snap-Tab Collar
Like the pin collar, the snap-tab collar is also quite a rarity. And like the pin collar, the snap-tab collar lets you present the tie knot in the best possible way. It has a small tab that extends from the middle of each point that is fastened with a hook and loop closure. The tab creates a ‘standing’ look for the tie. Wear the tab collar to take attention away from an abnormally long neck and never wear it sans the tie. The flapping tabs look very unkempt without a tie.
Club Collar
Also known as the golf or rounded collar, the club collar was worn by the boys attending Eton College, a boarding school in England, in the mid-19th century. It came to be known as the club collar because it signified exclusive membership. The club collar is a fun collar and its rounded points make it distinct from the other collars.
wing guide to shirt collars
Wing Collars
Synonymous with tuxedos, the wing collar is a short shirt collar that does not turn down. Instead, it has two small wings on the front that are tucked behind the customary bow tie that one wears with a tuxedo. Unless you are a conservative dresser or a fashion maven, you might not have seen or heard of wing collars.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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