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How to stand out in white this International Labour Day

Typically, Labour Day weekend marks the end of summer and although the not wearing white after Labour Day rule doesn’t hold true anymore, wearing white on the day itself is quite a nice traditional touch in our opinion. Here’s a look at 5 steps that will help you ace the look.
white statement blazer international labour day
A statement blazer
When you speak of statement blazers, more often than not, they feature a print, pattern, bold colour or an unusual fabric. However, when it comes to a white blazer, the colour itself is enough to command interest. Pick a slim-fit 2-button one if you’re after something sleek or take the adventurous route by picking a double-breasted one instead.
A simple T-shirt
When your blazer is making a statement, you can safely downplay what you’re wearing underneath. A biscuit-beige coloured T-shirt is ideal and if you can lay your hands on a linen one, even better!
white chinos for smart casual look
Standard chinos
Considering the fact that it is a holiday, pick a pair of comfortable chinos to spend the day in. Choose a pair with stretch so that you aren’t compromising on comfort and make sure you roll them up at the ankle for maximum style.
Cream shoes
All-white shoes can look slightly stark, but a pair of cream shoes complements this look well. Casual lace-ups, loafers or slip-on sneakers—no matter what you choose, you’re not going to have to worry about making a fashion faux pas. In fact, the cream shoes tie in nicely with a beige T-shirt.
smart watch stylish brown accessory
Brown accessories
An all-white look may be what you have in mind, but a few brown accessories only help accentuate the white ensemble. However, the shade of brown matters most. Don’t pick the darkest brown you can find; instead opt for accessories that are a mid-brown shade. A smart watch and belt are all the embellishments the look needs!

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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