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How to pick the right travel watch for your next vacation

Picking the right travel watch to accompany a journey is an important decision. When trying to carry the essential, it’s always convenient to have a watch as versatile as your travel plans. Take a look at some of the ways we propose you get holiday-ready with your watch wardrobe.
travel watch perfect for business trip
The business trip
When stepping into a business meeting and being entertained by clients, it’s crucial that you dress the part. For such occasions, a smart timepiece can convey your professionalism and eye for fashion. Consider wearing a premium watch with an elegant, minimal dial and smart leather strap. This timeless look will communicate your sophisticated style while remaining understated enough to suit a sober situation.
travel watch for timeless look
  • LP Louis Philippe

    White Watch


  • LP Louis Philippe

    Silver Watch


The family holiday
Beaches and fine dining don’t normally go together, but when travelling with the family, that tends to be the way it goes. For a trip like this you’ll need a watch that can handle a bit of ruggedness but looks smart enough to pair with you smart-casual dinner outfit. Consider wearing a watch with a stainless steel strap to ensure that your activities don’t show any signs of wear and tear. A 3-faced chronograph is a smart display that will be able to accompany you throughout the day and night.
sports watch to wear on vacation
  • LP Louis Philippe

    Black Watch


An all-boys getaway
Dancing, drinking and wild adventures tend to accompany a holiday with the boys. Whether you’re partying it up in Ibiza or biking through the north of India, you will want a watch that can keep up with you stepping into a bar or hiking through rough terrain. A sports watch would be a great companion for activities like these. Opt for one with a Quartz mechanism, shock resistance and a bold display.

Written By : Emma Grewal

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