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How to match your tie and shirt

How to match your tie with shirtMen’s fashion in general is increasingly seeing a departure from the conventional sartorial rules. Today, it’s more about injecting your own whimsy into a look rather than taking the tried-and-tested route. When it comes to pulling off the appropriate-yet-fashion-forward shirt and tie combo, you could either follow these simple rules or go with your instincts and personal style, just as long as you don’t end up sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s like choosing the right dressing for your salad—you keep the textures and taste in mind while pairing the two.
How to match your tie colour block shirtColour block or tone-on-tone
You could either opt for colour blocking, which is pairing two contrasting colours, or go for the current trend of tonal layering, which means picking up the colours or textures from the same family. In case you have picked the shirt first, focus on the dominant colours and invest in a tie with accents that reflect the colour of your shirt.
How to match your tie pattern pairing with shirtPattern pairing
Combining contrasting patterns like a checkered shirt with a tie in different checks in a fun idea. However, ensure that the print on your shirt is minuscule in size, while the ones on the tie are comparatively bigger. Choosing a shirt and tie in the same family of colours is a brilliant idea.
Most men usually like to take the safer route of opting for ties in solid and semi-solid colours and they prefer to stay away from strong patterns. Solids are a classic, but if patterned ties are paired correctly they can make a strong fashion statement. When trying this look ensure that the patterns on the tie and the shirt and suit do not clash.
Striped to perfection how to match your tie
Striped to perfection
Don’t make the mistake of combining a slim-striped shirt with a slim-striped tie. Instead pair a thin-striped shirt with a polka dotted or a striped tie for the ultimate dandy look. Paisley and plaid ties are a great option for quirky and confident dressers among us. If you are opting for striped shirts, refrain from trying to match similarly sized stripes. Ensure that the shirt and tie stripes aren’t similar in terms of size and width.
The safe shirt route
Your dress shirt should match your tie. If there is a colour clash it might look far from sharp. Solid shirts are your safest bets. White and light blue Oxford shirts are of course versatile and can match anything. Invest in a slew of off-white and pastel shirts. However, ensure the fabric of the shirts and the tie is contrasting because this textural tension can raise the ensemble to another level. A knitted tie goes very well with a classic chambray shirt.
Add a fun element
If it is a check fabric, then break the monotony of the shirt by opting for a playful tie—paisley or knitted depending on your taste.
Most importantly, be comfortable with your attire. If you think a certain pattern or colour is too daring for your personal style, simply don’t wear it. The key is to have fun with fashion.

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