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How To Choose The Right Dress Shirt

Dress shirts are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. But to choose the one that suits you best, you must understand what colour and fabric compliments you.
Shirt buying guide for men

Men are known to be too selective while choosing colours as compared to their female counterparts. Studies have revealed that men mostly go for colours like blue, green or black, while steering clear of bolder, brighter hues like red or yellow. It’s time to get a little liberal and step out of your comfort zone. While choosing a colour, keep in mind the following factors.

The colour of your skin, eyes and hair
The reason why we see men in solid white and blue coloured shirts is because most men make their colour choices based on what they have worn in the past. Factors such as skin tone, hair and eye colour should also be considered when choosing dress shirts. The relationship between these three factors determines what contrast category a man falls into:
The high contrast category: For men with dark hair and light skin tone, light-coloured shirts with dark suits work well.
The low contrast category: Men with light-coloured hair, red-coloured hair, little or no hair and light skin tone fall in this category. They usually fare well with dark blues and earth-toned dress shirts combined with dark suits.
The medium contrast category: Men with brown-coloured skin and dark hair should lean towards low or high contrast, while lighter-skinned men with grey and white hair should move towards low contrast.
Tips to choose the right Shirt Colour

The cloth fibres enable us to determine fabric quality; the longer the fibres, the higher its quality. But of course, your budget will also impact your selection. The most common dress shirt fabrics are:

Solid: Solid colours are the best bet as they appear formal and pair well with almost anything. Choose solid colours in 100% cotton as dyes do not last as long as in polyester.
Stripes: Almost all striped shirts are vertically striped to give you a lean and slim look. A striped shirt flatters your physique well because it lengthens the torso and outlines a slender figure.
Checks: These are the least formal of all patterns. Wear a subtly patterned tie with a check shirt and solid-coloured trousers.
Weaves: The weave is a knit created by putting the threads of cotton (called warp and weft) together to craft a strong fabric. Different knitting techniques create diverse properties in the fabric such as poplin, twill, dobby and oxford.
Twill: Usually stronger and a little bit heavier, twills are denser weaves. They come in a variety of patterns and styles that are detailed and elaborate. Dress them up with a light-coloured blazer for contemporary look.
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Written By : Mary brown, blogger for The Label

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