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Gym Wear Dos and Don’ts

Seasoned or newbie, most gym goers make us cringe with their gym wear faux pas. They make booboo after booboo and worse, remain blissfully unaware. You’re going to sweat, so what’s the big deal you ask? While functionality scores over style, it is atrocious to wear your old, faded, frayed t-shirts to workout. Get yourself some workout gear and avoid these mistakes while you are at it:
gym wear dos and donts for men
Tank Top Dos
You have slogged your ass off and it’s finally showing in your impeccably sculpted pecs. That however, is not reason enough to show off your bloated man nips in thin tank tops with barely there spaghetti straps. In fact, no reason is good enough to show them off. Keep ’em pecs covered under a t-shirt or crew neck tank tops. Wife-beater tank tops should not be worn outside the confines of your home.
Shorts Don’ts
Wearing your cycling shorts while you are weight lifting or doing reps of squats and lunges, is terrible. Restrict them for cycling and/or spin class since that is exactly what they are meant for. Invest in some loose workout shorts that let you move around freely and help venting sweat and odour. Spandex and extremely short shorts do not belong in the gym. Your shorts should be knee length or a few inches shorter.
how to choose gym shorts

Steer clear of…

  • Lose the loose, baggy shorts. You ain’t no rapper, yo!
  • Jeans; there’s a place for your denims and the gym is not one of them.
  • Sweatpants that are longer than your ankles can make you trip on the treadmill. Sweatpants and shorts in cotton are not ideal for gym either. While they are great at absorbing sweat, they do not dry as quickly.
choosing the right gym shoes
Sneakers have no place in the gym. Nor do hiking shoes or clunky work boots. Get yourself athletic footwear that is comfortable, provides support and cushioning and is breathable. Make sure your shoes are in top condition since they help in maintaining form and posture while working out. Don’t wait for the soles to rip off or holes to show up before you replace your shoes.
Cologne is Off-Bounds
It is bad enough to leave behind sweat on the machine or bench. Leaving behind an accompanying stench of strong cologne mixed with your odour is even worse. Use a good deodorant that performs well in situations like these but stay off cologne.

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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