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7 ways to style loafers

Perennially stylish, loafers are perfect—whether when it’s too hot to wear lace-ups or when there’s a slight nip in the air. The Label offers styling tips to make you look effortlessly chic in loafers for seven occasions.
how to look stylish in loafers
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    Brown Casual Loafers


Off to work
When worn right, loafers adapt well to formal wear too. Pair structured vintage loafers with your suit if you’re looking to give your everyday oxfords a break. The key to wearing this look correctly is to pick a pair of loafers that are made of stiff leather. The suppler the leather is, the more casual it looks.
Nerdy chic
If you’re looking for the right pair of shoes to top off your bow-tie and suspender combination, loafers are a great pick. Brogues can be cumbersome for a casual day out, whereas loafers provide the perfect alternative.
Loafer liners
Wearing socks with loafers is a glaring fashion error when it comes to casual wear. Going sockless is crucial, so if you’re not comfortable with the idea, stock up on loafer liners. They’re super thin and prevent chaffing, which makes them great for when you’re breaking in a pair of summer loafers.
7 ways to style laofers
Casual Fridays
The great thing about loafers is that they transition from formal wear to casual wear seamlessly. For a semi-casual date or a Friday at the office, team well-cut chinos and a shirt with loafers. However, ensure that your chinos are tapered and skim your ankles. Any longer, and you’ll risk looking dowdy.
By the sea
If you think flip flops are too low brow to wear with your best beach ensemble (and we understand why), a pair of loafers is the perfect way to round off your look. A polo shirt, knee-length shorts and coordinated loafers are all you need to look uber stylish.
Dash of colour
There’s no denying that you’ll get more use out of grey, black and brown loafers, but invest in a few colourful ones to spruce up a basic look. If your staple outfit comprises a white shirt and blue jeans, pair it with yellow or beetroot red loafers. Cerulean blue is another great shade to own, especially to pair with white and grey outfits or bottoms.
how to wear style loafers
The Label recommends
Suede looks understated and classy if you’re sporting casual loafers, but for all formal pairs, high-shine is key. Polished to an inch of its life, smudgy, scruffy formal loafers are a big no-no.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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