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7 style tips to ensure you get noticed at the workplace

Regardless of how well your work speaks for itself, making an effort to be well turned out will always work in your favour. These 7 must-haves will not only complement your professional attitude, but also ensure you’re noticed for your style.
classic power packed tailored suit for men
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#1 The power-packed suit
Boxy, baggy suits are a relic of the past. Today’s sharp formal dressing is all about tailored suits made from light fabrics with slim cuts and straight lines, which flatter your physique. Throw in bold stripes, a hint of hue or a waistcoat for extra measure.
stylish light blue shirt work wardrobe
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#2 A mellow shirt
While we advise that you steer clear of shirts in bright colours or loud prints and bold checks, we do not recommend you run to your safe white shirt every time. Stay on the conservative side while picking a colour that will make you stand out, such as a light blue or lilac.
polished formal shoes quintessential office wear
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#3 Stepping in
Sophistication in the form of a pair of classy, polished formal shoes can make quite an authoritative statement. While plain black wing tips with a slight sheen are quintessential to office wear, you can opt for a little flair by way of dress shoes with a subtle pattern too.
keep pen handy to make lasting impression
#4 The ‘write’ stuff
While most people pay maximum attention to their wardrobe, it is the minute details that will put you a step ahead in making a lasting impression. For instance, while it does pay to have a pen handy all the time, it pays even more to have a fine, elegant pen to take notes, sign cheques or even exaggerate your hand gestures.
neat hairstyle look edgy
#5 Tame that mane
The way that mop (or the lack thereof) of hair sits on your head can majorly add to or subtract from your power outfit. The trick is to aim for a hairstyle that’s neat without being too outrageous. While short, slicked-back hair is your safest bet, a medium-length cut slicked neatly sideways, put in place with a good quality gel or mousse will lend your look a slight edge.
black leather briefcase carry at office
#6 The right briefcase
Walking into a meeting or any corporate workspace with a messenger bag, ‘man purse’ or casual backpack is a sure-shot deal breaker. The only thing that fits the professional bill is a compact, polished fine leather briefcase. If you want to experiment with colours, look no further that an olive green or dark purple.
statement tie right power dressing for work
#7 A statement tie
The key to getting workplace dressing right is to be simple and minimalistic while introducing hints of character to your outfit—and you can do that with subtle but eye-catching accessories. A great way to achieve this is by picking a tie that can be an accent piece, either through a bold colour or a unique pattern such as a chain link or a houndstooth.

Written By : Neehar Mishra

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