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7 fashion tips that make men look slimmer!

Dressing according to your body type is extremely essential, and no one understands this better than someone who is on the heavier side. To make your physique look streamlined, these simple tips are all you need. Take a look.
regular slim fit shirt for slimmer physique
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# 1 Say no to comfort
No, we aren’t talking about the comfort quotient of your clothes. Instead, we’re talking about comfort fits—especially when it comes to shirts. Stick to regular and slim fit garments to create the illusion of a slimmer physique. Shirts and trousers with a baggy fit only enhance a stout physique, so steer clear of them.
#2 See the darker side of things
Lighter, pastel colours may flatter your skin tone, but they’re not going to enhance your physique. To slim down your figure, opt for dark coloured clothes such as grey, black, navy and chocolate brown. If you want to sport colour, do so by picking shades such as aubergine purple, maroon and bottle green.
stylish v neck shirt to look slimmer
#3 Keep the neckline in mind
A subtle V-neck shirt (remember, nothing extreme), or one with a sharp collar is all you need to create the illusion of a longer, more slender neck. Round-necked garments create a rotund silhouette and a V-neck helps break that illusion, tipping the scales in your favour.
#4 Embrace vertical stripes
Just like how horizontal stripes fill out your frame, vertical ones help create an illusion of an elongated body. They make you look much slimmer, provided that you don’t opt for chunky stripes.
#5 Choose light fabrics
Heavy-knit, bulky courdroy and textured tweed are all stylish, but they are thick fabrics that only pile on the bulk. Fine knits and lightweight fabrics are what you should opt for when you are dressing to cut down the kilos.
flat front trousers outfit to look thin
#6 Avoid pleats altogether
Pleated trousers may be an item of clothing you’re comfortable with, but they only add bulk and volume to your ensemble. Befriend flat-front trousers as they slim down your waist and create a clean, crisp finish.
#7 Invest in a 3-button blazer
While 2-button blazers are contemporary and fashionable, a 3-button one is great for gentlemen who are trying to minimise the appearance of their belly. A three-button blazer conceals your belly better, whereas a 2-button one can create a slight, visible bulge.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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