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5 ways to control festive food cravings

The festive season has made its grand foray, and we’re sure you’re geared up to enjoy the goodies with your fitness plan taking a backseat. But how about you try something a little different this season? Some innovative methods that help to keep a check on your weight so you can enjoy the heavenly festive food guilt-free.
take power nap to release stress
Sleep well

It’s not always necessary to work out to burn that extra fat—sometimes it’s best to sleep it out. While sleeping more may not directly contribute towards weight loss, it definitely helps to keep the cortisol levels (stress hormone levels) in check and your metabolism up and running. So find some time in this festive madness to indulge in a power nap whenever you can and sleep tight for a full 8!
Smell vanilla

Research has shown that the natural smell of vanilla helps to reduce food cravings and temptations. It stimulates the release of the chemical serotonin in the brain that induces feelings of satisfaction and uplifts one’s mood. So when you find yourself tempted at that wedding buffet for a second (or third) serving, take a whiff of vanilla!
therapeutic blue colour control food cravings
Therapeutic Blue

Colours play a crucial role in the way we perceive food. Some colours please the senses and taste buds thereby increasing food cravings while others make the food look unappetizing. Blue is one such color. It helps to suppress one’s appetite, making you eat less. Bring out some blue hue in your life—paint one side of the dining area blue or get out the blue cutlery.
soft melodious stimulate to eat at relaxed pace
Listen to music

Soft melodious tunes have a calming effect on the brain and stimulate it to eat at a relaxed pace, making you feel full earlier than expected. This keeps a tab on overeating. However, don’t sit with a cheesy pizza and a large can of beer with some soothing music running in the background; needless to say, this method has no merit there!
dim lights keeps tab on eating food
Dim the lighting

Lower the lighting in the kitchen and the dining area and you’ll find that this is one of the best ways to shed the extra kilos. How? Dimming the lights relaxes the mood thereby making one eat less. Surprise your loved one with more candle light dinners this season and keep a tab on your calorie count too!

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