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5 types of belts you must own

A man’s belt is often a litmus test of his style. A well-matched, well-maintained belt with a gleaming buckle says a lot about not only his sense of fashion but also about how meticulous a man is.
trendy belt for perfect casual look
While belt care is one thing, you need to have a ready collection of both formal and casual belts—and a few that work for both!—to do full justice to whatever you’re wearing. Here are five belts we think you must have.
plain black formal belt
  • Louis Philippe

    Black Formal Belt


The quintessential black
On days when you don’t want to take a risk, a plain black belt will be your finest comrade. Worn to work or to a party, a black belt will have your back everywhere.
textured black coloured belt for casual appeal
  • Louis Philippe

    Black Textured Belt


The textured black
If you like your black belts and think that a plain black belt may be a tad lacklustre, get a textured one that will not only add an interesting element to your look but also give your belt a casual appeal.
classic brown belt
  • Louis Philippe

    Brown Formal Belt


The classic brown
A lot of people shy away from brown belts because they feel that they stand out; however, nothing looks better than a blue shirt, khakis and a brown belt. Make sure you match your belts with your shoes and accessories. If you are wearing brown shoes, wear a brown belt and you won’t regret it.
stylish tan leather casual belt
  • LP Jeans

    Tan Leather Casual Belt


The stylish tan
Why buy a tan belt when you already have a brown belt? Well, tan fits right between formals and casuals. They look informal as well as classy. Also, they go very well with khaki trousers, and thus, are a must-have.
canvas belt for casual style
  • LP Louis Philippe

    Two Toned Casual Belt


The casual canvas
Whether it’s watching a game with your friends on a Sunday or an outdoor Saturday spent at a backyard barbeque or on a yacht, there are days when you need to feel and look comfortably chic. Canvas belts are the epitome of casual style and a definite must-have.
classic accessories to get stylish look for men
The Label Recommends
Variety is the spice of life (and your wardrobe). Having numerous belts will not only allow you to experiment, but will also prevent your belts from wearing off too soon. So dedicate a section of your wardrobe to belts and enjoy pairing them according to your choice, attire and occasion.

Written By : Abhinav Srivastava

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