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5 Tips for when you slip into a velvet outfit

perfect fashion guide to wear velvet outfit
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✔  Velvet, owing to its luxurious visual appearance, is more suited for evening wear. When worn in the day, it can weigh your ensemble down tremendously.
✔  Statement blazers are all the rage and it doesn’t get more striking than a velvet blazer. Balance it with a neutral outfit for maximum effect.
✔  A velvet blazer requires a hefty dose of confidence to carry off. But if you can’t find it in you to commit to one, pick velvet accessories instead. Velvet pocket squares or ties look undeniably luxurious and punctuate basic suits well, making them appropriate for evening wear.
✔  Because of the way velvet catches light, for a flattering look, pick pieces that are tailored to your form. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting velvet blazer or loose trousers that reflect light unflatteringly.
✔ Pay as much attention to colour as you do to the cut of your velvet garments. Light colours look garish and cheap, whereas rich purples, reds and greens look sophisticated and flatter almost all skin tones.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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