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5 things you didn’t know about skinny jeans

A pair of well-stitched, tapering skinny jeans is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, and why not? They look great and go exceptionally well with almost anything — be it a casual shirt, an oversized sweater or a fitted T-shirt. Another great feature of these denims is that they’re flattering on most body types and help create the illusion of slimmer, toned legs.

stylish and versatile skinny jeans
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But while we can all wax eloquent about how stylish and versatile skinny jeans can be, it is also in our best interests to look at the bigger picture.An incident in Australia recently proved how a run-of-the-mill day for a woman turned into a rather unpleasant experience. Her jeans were so tight that, as her day progressed, her legs and feet became so swollen that she had to be taken to a hospital! The problem was something called ‘compartment syndrome’, a condition that occurs due to increased pressure applied on the body in a confined space. In this case it was her skinny jeans. Several other cases indicated similar problems, such as numbness in the groin and thighs, and, in a rather extreme cases, signs of muscle damage.

things you must know about skinny jeans

That being said, we do not recommend you completely steer clear of your favourite, most flattering pair of jeans. What we do recommend is this:
✔  Do not wear your skinny jeans more than two or three times a week.
✔  Avoid wearing them on days when you will be stretching and squatting a lot.
✔  Instead of wearing jeans that are too skinny, opt for those which are slightly loose near the waist and groin and taper down towards the feet.
✔  Opt for more breathable fabrics like stretch denim, which has more spandex or bull denim, which is a non-dyed mix of cotton and wool.
✔  While most people don’t wash jeans regularly, skinny jeans should ideally be washed after every wear. Since the fabric is always in contact with the body, the dirt and sweat trapped in the fabric can cause itchiness, rashes and fungal infections.

So just find a pair that fits well, without being so tight that it cuts off your blood supply and restricts movement. Don’t worry, we’d never ask you to get rid of your skinny jeans.

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