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5 signs your watch needs servicing

Watches are certainly investment pieces and like all investments, it pays to go the extra mile when it comes to maintaining them. Here are 5 signs for which you should keep your eyes open.
time for servicing moisture accumulation on glass
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#1 Moisture or condensation
If you can see spots of water accumulating on the glass of your dial, it is time to worry. Once water seeps into your watch, it will begin to damage the mechanical components that keep your watch running accurately. Also, if your watch has fallen into water or has been exposed to heavy rainfall, it pays to have it checked irrespective of whether you can see the condensation or not.
#2 Passage of time
Even if your watch is running just fine, once 3-5 years have passed, the lubricants begin to break down. This causes the mechanics to go haywire and can lead to bigger, often more expensive, problems. Sometimes, your watch may not show physical signs of wear and tear, but a wheel or spring may have come loose.
#3 Strange sounds
A watch’s mechanics are intricate, but a well-made one will work silently. If you can hear any sounds apart from the watch’s usual ticking, be warned that something is definitely not right and it is time to turn your watch in for a session of servicing.
inconsistent movement of the hands watch needs servicing
#4 Inconsistent movement of the hands
Sometimes the seconds hand skips forward every few seconds instead of moving in a regulated manner. This is an indicator of the fact that your battery is running low and that you will need a replacement shortly. Instead of waiting for the battery to run out (and in the process run the risk of your watch getting damaged because of battery fluid leakage), when you notice the seconds hand skipping, take your watch for a quick service.
electronic devices magnetise watch
#5 You keep your watch with electronic devices
Devices such as your laptop, speakers, tablet or cell phone can magnetise your watch if they are often stored in close proximity. As a thumb rule, avoid doing this and if you do store your watch alongside an electronic device, have it checked at the earliest to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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