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5 facial exercises for a chiselled jawline

You work out practically all the muscles below the neck, so why neglect your facial muscles? If you’ve always envied a sharp jawline, give these 5 facial exercises a shot. Considering the fact that your facial muscles are rather small, they react quickly to regular exercise, giving you results in 4 short weeks.


facial exercise for jaws
Clench your jaw
This might make you look unreasonably tense or grim, but if you’re after a jawline like Robert Pattinson’s, Zac Efron’s or Matt Bomer’s, that’s a price worth paying. Simply clench your jaw as tightly as you can and hold for 10 seconds before releasing it. Repeat the exercise 10–15 times to complete 1 set and do it as often as you can.
Practise chin lifts
Chin lifts involve moving your lower jaw upwards while tilting your head back. The key is to do the exercise slowly and repeat it 10–12 times. It helps burn the excess fat around your chin and create a sharper jawline.
Jaw stretch
While the other exercises on this list trim the fat and strengthen the jaw, it is important to stretch it too, which is where the jaw stretch comes into play. Tilt your head back, so that you are facing the ceiling and then form an O with your lips. This stretches the skin over your jaw bones. Hold for 15 seconds and relax, making sure to repeat the exercise 5–7 times.


tongue press facial exercise
Tongue press
Working the area under your jaw is just as important as working the sides and this is why you should include the tongue press in your routine. Close your mouth and stick your tongue to the roof, pressing firmly to ensure that there are no gaps. Follow this up by making buzzing sounds for 5–10 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times to complete 1 set and do 6 sets with a short break between every 3 sets.
Chew gum
Technically, this doesn’t count as a traditional exercise but it is rather effective. Chewing a piece of gum gives all your jaw muscles a rigorous workout and can be done literally anywhere. However, if you’re taking up this form of exercise seriously, we suggest switching to sugar-free gum.


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