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5 colours you need to stock up on this summer

To get you started on the right foot as you wrap your head around this year’s spring/summer trends, The Label brings you a varied colour palette that should be the focus of your wardrobe this season.
grey coloured outfits to wear summer fashion
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Pale grey
A cool-toned grey, often with hints of steely pastel purple, is what you should be stocking up on this summer. The colour is mainly a trend for outerwear, so think of stocking up on jackets and blazers in pale grey.
mint green outfits summer style
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All shades of green
Whether it is mint—summer’s favourite shade of green—a bright green or one with a tinge of teal woven in, embrace green in all its hues this spring and summer. From shirts and shorts to T-shirts, coloured trousers and jackets, the colour suits everything.
orange rind summer jacket casual wear
Orange rind
While the name may conjure up a shade of bright orange, in reality, the colour is a soft, pastel version of the cheery hue. With yellow undertones, the shade is perfect for casual wear and smart tailoring too. If you’re looking at 1 key piece, invest in a summer jacket in orange rind or a pair of summer shorts.
vintage indigo summer wear
Vintage indigo
While punchy, bright blues stole the show in the past few seasons, this summer, keep things muted with vintage indigo, a deep shade of blue. Wear it through your suits or pick a more faded finish of vintage indigo to give your jackets a casual feel. Either way, the colour is what you should be leaning towards as far as outerwear goes.
khaki colour summer fashion outfits
Think of chamois as a severely toned-down sand-beige shade, sometimes with undertones of khaki. If all-white seems too stark, chamois is the perfect neutral shade for you to help tone down bold colourful accents.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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