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Cell phone. Check. Wallet. Check. Handkerchief. Check. Deo? Planner? Grooming essentials? Wait. How are you going to carry all that stuff? So you look for the nearest plastic bag, dump in everything else along with your lunch and off you go? Clearly, it’s time to go bag shopping and we see no harm in mixing style with functionality and investing in these essential bags.
Messenger Must Own Bags For Men

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Messenger bag or satchel

These bags are apt for a casual setting; probably for the times when you want to catch a movie or meet friends over a cuppa. It is perfect for carrying small utilities, is masculine and the shoulder straps let you be hands-free to indulge in an afternoon or evening of fun.
Tote Best Bags For Men

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A leather tote is a fashion forward essential. Pick one that is oversized and wear it over your shoulder like a casual backpack. Feeling adventurous? Try getting one in a bold, strong colour and have fun colour blocking it with the rest of your outfit.
Briefcase Bags Every Man Must Own

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A fine, good quality leather briefcase takes your suited look a few notches higher. Since all things vintage are making a comeback, get yourself a medium-sized classic briefcase to complete your work look.
Duffel Essential Bags For Men

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Duffel bag

An absolutely must-have for a weekend getaway, the allure of the classic duffel bag is hard to beat. It is the ideal carry-all for a weekend’s worth of clothes, toiletries, gadgets, equipment and whatever else you would like to pack into your weekend getaway. Very convenient and super stylish!

Written By : Bushra S Khan

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