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3 reasons why loafers are the perfect vacation shoes

When you’re on vacation, you need shoes that are all-rounders. And loafers fit the bill perfectly. Take a look at 3 reasons why purchasing a pair is in order before your next vacation.
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They pack European charm
Sneakers don’t quite channel Parisian style, do they? Wearing a pair of loafers is a stylish way to dress up basic outfits. Pick one in a neutral navy or tan brown to ensure you are picking a versatile shoe. This way, you can wear them on a day when you’re out and about or simply for a casual dinner at a street-side cafe.
loafers provide good grip comfortable walking
Good grip
If you’re looking for an alternative to sneakers, they can’t merely look stylish. You need a pair that’s suitable for long walks and longer days. Loafers come with a flexible rubber sole that gives you good grip. This combined with their light cushioning ensures that they are as functional as they are stylish.
loafers excellent driving shoes for men
Perfect for a drive
Loafers have a sole that is of the right thickness—thick enough to provide some impact resistance, but thin enough for you to connect with the gas pedal when you’re exploring your holiday destination through long drives. Loafers have always been considered excellent driving shoes and if you’re road-tripping your way through a country, it is a great shoe to invest in, without losing out on precious suitcase space.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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