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2 smart-casual outfits for a Super Bowl match

The Super Bowl is a major event for any sports enthusiast and if a typical sports jersey doesn’t appeal to you, here are 2 outfits you can try.
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At the venue
 If you’re watching the finals at the venue itself, it is only understandable that you want to wear your team’s colours to show your support.
 However, the key is to keep things subtle by injecting colour primarily through 1 element of your outfit. We recommend accessories, so a coloured beanie, sneakers or even a sweater in the colour of the team you’re supporting is a good idea.
 Underneath, stick to a simple button-down shirt and jeans.
 Channel a sporty vibe by wearing sneakers—the sportier, the better.
orange coloured chinos outfit
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At a friend’s house
 Not being able to watch the Super Bowl live does have 1 benefit—you can go all out with your outfit.
 If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one, choose your shirt or your bottoms as your focal point. Either wear coloured chinos or opt for a bold button-down, keeping your team’s colours in mind. However, remember to keep the other element fairly simple.
 Add a neutral cardigan or scarf if it’s a bit chilly, as this element will help tie the look together. If it feels toasty, wear a solid-coloured T-shirt and layer a button-down shirt over the top.
 Add a snap-back hat to enhance the sporty vibe and finish the look with simple white sneakers or casual black slip-on shoes.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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