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10 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Suit

A suit is nothing short of an investment. So when you have finally found perfection in a three-piece, you need to make an extra effort to ensure that nothing steals the shine away, and your suit stays in mint condition for a long time.
  • While wearing your suit, be sure to unbutton the coat and pull your trousers just a little bit from the knees when you are seated. This ensures that the fabric doesn’t stretch or get damaged.
  • Don’t overload the pockets with a heavy wallet, house keys or other such items. It will stretch the seams and affect the fit beyond repair. Also, don’t wear the same suit two days in a row. It needs some time to breathe and retain the fit.
  • Wear an undervest under the shirt of your suit. This absorbs sweat and prevents any sweat stain imprints from forming on on your suit.
  • After taking off your suit, use a lint brush to clean it. Make this a habit every time you wear a suit to avoid any dirt or lint build-up. A brush with stiff bristles should do a fine job.
  • When storing your suit, hang it upright from a wooden hanger that’s at least one inch thick at the shoulders and allow it to breathe. Even if you store it in a suit bag, it is a good idea to leave it unzipped.
  • Don’t keep your suit folded in a pile of clothes. Besides gathering wrinkles, the suit might also absorb colour from your clothes leading to an indelible stain.
  • While moth balls are an effective way to protect your suit from moths, the repugnant smell might put you off. An alternative option is to stuff the pockets with dried lavender leaves.
  • Dry clean your suit only when it’s absolutely necessary. Too much of a good thing will shorten the life of your suit because eventually the fine fabrics will give in to harsh chemicals.
  • Pay close attention to details like the seams and buttons. If you feel that the seams are coming off or a button is loose, take immediate action. A stitch in time saves nine!
  • Make sure you place a thin muslin cloth on your suit and then use a hot press to iron. There is a danger of damaging the threads if direct heat is applied.  Keep the iron away from the edges as it adds to wear and tear. A good quality steam iron is recommended. However, remember to adjust the temperature to take care of the wrinkles and not act against the fabric.

Written By : Mr Dandy

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