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10 dressing tips for a corporate job interview

Whether it is a start-up or a multinational, a corporate job always means serious business. Dressing well for a corporate job is just as important as marketing your skills to your interviewers. Take a look at our 10 Holy Grail tips when it comes to dressing for an interview.
navy blue suit perfect for job interview
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#1 Always opt for wrinkle-free clothes. They ensure that you look sharp, even if you’ve endured a flat tyre on your way to the meeting.
#2 You can never look too formal in a basic suit, which is why a grey or navy one should be a staple for interviews.
#3 While picking suits, ensure you pick one that fits you like second skin. A sharp suit gives the impression of having things under control and is the basis for any corporate wardrobe.
#4 For shoes, skip ostentatious styles and stick to simple lace-ups. Whether you pick black or brown depends entirely on what you are wearing, but ensure that they are polished to an inch of their life.
wear tie with perfect knot smart look interview
#5 If you’re wearing a tie, take the time to knot it well. A small knot placed appropriately will ensure that it doesn’t distract you or the interviewer when you are talking.
#6 Keep your belt simple too. A classic leather one looks far more stylish and professional than a textured or patent leather belt.
#7 Carry your documents in a portfolio instead of a standard clear plastic folder. It looks far more put together and shows that you’re one to care about attention to detail.
#8 It goes without saying that a job interview is no place for a stubble, but if you have a moustache, ensure that it is trimmed and shaped well. A wild, untamed moustache will do you no favours.
get haircut look sharp corporate job interview
#9 For hair, it is important to refrain from using any styling products. The best way to look sharp is to get a haircut from a barber you trust. You don’t want any unexpected surprises on the morning of your interview.
#10 Your choice of perfume is worth paying attention to as well. Pick a fragrance that is welcoming, but don’t go overboard. Restrict it to a few spritzes to ensure that your interviewers are concentrating on what you are saying instead of being overwhelmed by your cologne.

Written By : Shirley Mistry

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