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How the world continued fashion from home in 2021 – Work from home by Louis Philippe

One of the very few boons of this pandemic has been that we do not have to wake up everyday at least 1 hour early before our work hours. Dressing up, making breakfast, in fact even brushing for some – now happens while we begin our work day. This boon though, isn’t all that great.

Wearing crisp freshly ironed shirts and trousers every morning, grooming and sporting hair and beard that were seemingly well kept, the fresh sense of adrenaline to reach work and start the day. Basically, we don’t feel that fresh and awake for work now. This everyday ritual felt great because fashion and change is an integral part of our life. We like the finer things in life, and one of those finer things is how we refresh our looks everyday.

The world has somewhat adapted to this void. But the fact that we need change and fashion in our life, has not changed. So let’s look at what the “new normal of fashion from home is for this not so new norm of work from home culture and how you can make it better with Louis Philippe.

Work from Home Collection

Casual T-shirts

What we already love has now become everyday wear. And when we say everyday wear, we mean it. We don’t wear anything but comfortable casual t-shirts for men everyday, and if we’re not lying to ourselves, we’ve all run out of t-shirts to wear at home. All our t-shirts are now old, be it graphic printed t-shirts or solid casual t-shirts. We never even really thought of buying t-shirts that would be appropriate for the zoom call phenomena.

Work from home clothing tip #2021 – Have at least 3 different polo neck t-shirts for men. This will replicate the office shirts with its collars, but the high-quality fabric and material will keep you relaxed at your work-from-home station. The variety of prints and colors available at Louis Philippe’s collection will have you buying maybe more than 3.

Check out our collection of Polo Neck T-shirts for Men


Reigning the throne since the beginning of 2020, this work from home outfit essential is worn by all and seen by none. We cannot deny the fact that for even the most important meeting over video conference, we have participated perhaps with a shirt and shorts for men underneath. We can’t get enough of them, and we may not. To accept this trend in its full capacity, it’s ideal to say goodbye to the black, white or grey shorts for men that currently sit in your wardrobe.

Work from home clothing tip #2021: Be your own HR and have themed days at home. On Tuesdays we wear blue and on Fridays we wear prints. Louis Philippe’s collection of printed shorts for men can add to the fun times with its superior comfort and contemporary designs.

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Short and T-shirts by Louis Philippe

Track Pants

The only running that we have done in the past year has been either on the treadmill or to the grocery store. But trackpants are our only motivation for wearing full length bottomwear. How can you style track pants for men, with a different approach? Well for most of the men around the world are updating their wardrobes, they have moved from the sloppy and old grey sweatpants that are baggy to tapered track pants for men. How are tapered track pants for men different? These are designed to be loose and comfy around the top but gradually become narrower towards the ankle.

Work from home clothing tip #2021: How you dress up can really change how motivated you feel to work. We won’t ask you to wear a 2 piece suit at home, but wearing a tapered fit track pant for men along with a polo neck t-shirt will give you the needed semblance to feel productive again.

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T-shirt and Track pants by Louis Philippe

Casual Shirts

Remember when the opportunity to wear your favorite casual shirt was an event in itself? Dressing up to go out, even if it was just for a drive. Maybe we can start doing that again soon, but the casual shirts for men in our wardrobe are probably 2 years old now and outdated. The world spent these last 1 and a half years working out on them self, getting healthier and in better shape. So now is the opportunity to fit into new and better looking slim fit casual shirts.
Heading out to meet a small group of friends for a drive? A little getaway to a farmhouse? Maybe just a walk on the beach?
Opportunities will present themselves, be ready to grab them with style!

Work from home outfit tip #2021: This is more a suggestion than a tip. 2 casual shirts for men, 2 casual shorts for men and 2 different casual shoes should be in your wardrobe at any given time. Refreshed over time. They are the easiest to throw together for any leisure and fun activities of life.

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New Normal

While we are adjusting and adapting to this new normal, the hope for this to end soon and for us to be back out in the open is strong. Till then, follow the work from home clothing and outfit tips #2021 to give life the constant change of fashion and lifestyle.

Check Out Louis Philippe’s online collection and let us know if you have any work from home clothing tips!

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