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The Pujo Soiree Collection – a choicest selection of t-shirts & shirts for men

Louis Philippe festive collection of shirt and trouser

The month of September calls in for the air filled with a lot of excitement and anticipation- an anticipation for something really huge. This is the feeling one can experience before a grandeur is about to occur. A time when one cannot sit still, wherein the heart keeps beating along the songs of the hour. Yes, you got it right! We are gravitating to talk about the most vividly celebrated celebration in India- Durga Puja.

Well, we know, what’s in a name right? And we can’t agree more to it, because Durga Puja, Pujo or Navratri; the names do change here but not the zeal and enthusiasm towards making merry of the festival. Pujo is widely celebrated in West Bengal and the neighboring states of the former, while it’s Navratri for the other regions. But what is common is the excitement that we all hold throughout the year awaiting for the pujo. Beginning right from the arrangements for the rituals of the ceremonies to preparing ourselves with the perfect attire for each upcoming day, peculiarly the last 5 days of the pujo, is something we can’t keep calm over!

As men, we struggle a bit with choosing the best attire to flaunt off on the various days of the festivity. Because what we are looking for is versatility of outfits without compromising on the extension of our personalized flair. Outfits that are made to measure for us; those with plush fabrics and seamlessness that keep us moving all day long. To suit our demands, Louis Philippe has brought up its collection of t-shirts & shirts that rejoice our moods while keeping up with the gala of the pujo vibes!

Printed casual shirts for men to make way for the festive season

Printed casual shirts for men are quite trendy this season. They make up a great styling option when moving out for shopping for pujo essentials while also celebrating the day at home or at a Durga puja pandal in your neighborhood. Pairing this oh-so-stylish navy printed shirt with your light blue jeans and tan loafers works wonders for the day.

Printed casual shirt by Louis Philippe

Class and subtlety with monotone look- Casual shirts for men

Monotone outfits are classic choices for every man out there. They give a good frame to the masculine features while also keeping elegance at par with the style factor. One of the casual shirts for men at Louis Philippe is this grey shirt with a bandhgala pattern and an illusioned texture is an excellent choice if you like to keep it simple. Pair it with a black jeans or chinos to empower your ensemble with subtlety.

Monotone shirt with mandarin collar

Fittings that accentuate your built with polo neck t-shirts for men

A well fitted t-shirt serves right for any occasion, isn’t it? The versatility of t-shirts for men is incomparable. They can be adorned at differing situations with the right accessories to impart a defined look. And polo neck t-shirts serve the purpose of being eloquent while always being a fashion favorite piece. During the pujo, one can wear this solid navy t-shirt with white jeans or beige jeans along with sports shoes or loafers of a contrasting color.

Polo and crew neck t-shirts by Louis Philippe

A step out of the usual color choice with t-shirts for men

Blacks, blues and whites are few of the colors that men have been accustomed to wear since decades. Obviously, these colors are quite striking and have delivered as a great choice for fashion enthusiasts globally. But sometimes, a little change is for the good. And when you know that the color is going to suit you well, there’s no coming back from that style zone. One of those extraordinary t-shirts for men at Louis Philippe is this burgundy t-shirt that has a pleasing ombre pattern over it. Pair it up with black chinos and a leather strap watch to create an amazing style statement for your pujo.

Being casual is what we love- casual shirts for men

A simple yet stylish outfit idea is what men desire the most. Sombre floral prints in shades that complement the base color of the attire appear as a pleasant style inspiration to men. This grey shirt among the casual shirts for men at Louis Philippe is an impressive choice when rightly paired with grey or blue washed jeans and black loafers.

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