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How to match your shirts with your suits

You may own elegant suits and stacks of stylish matching shirts, but if you can’t master the art of pairing them together, it’s a wasted effort. Keep these 5 points in mind to ensure that your shirt and suit combinations tie together to create a cohesive look.


#1 Classic combinations will never fail you. Even if your style is a departure from the usual, having a light-blue shirt handy to pair with your grey suit, or a white one to pair with your navy suit will have you sail through a rushed work day in style.


classic suit shirt combination for men
#2 When mixing prints, it is best to keep things subtle. Pair a pinstripe suit with a fine-checked shirt. Or you could offset a bold checked suit with fine checks. If you’re at a complete loss, coordinate the print of your suit with the one on your shirt!


#3 Creating balance is always recommended. If your suit is busy (featuring thick plaid, bold stripes or a noticeable texture, for example), coordinate it with a simple, solid-coloured shirt or one with a fine print.


stylish shirts to pair with suits
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#4 Liven up a plain suit with an unusual choice of shirt. For instance — a mainstay light-grey suit can be given a bold makeover by pairing it with a white and burgundy windowpane checked shirt. Similarly, a deep-blue suit can be paired with a lavender shirt instead of the usual white or cream shirt. You can also opt for a shirt with sheen to add interest.


#5 Printed suits — emblazoned with floral or graphic prints have been a big trend this year. Certainly not suited for everyday office wear but, should you choose to don this style of suiting at an informal event, always pair it with a solid shirt. Printed suits can look busy, and wearing a solid-coloured shirt is the only way to break the monotony and prevent the suit from looking overbearing.

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