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5 shirt-pant combos that will never go out of style

If you reserve suits for special occasions, choosing instead to wear shirts and trousers on an everyday basis, you understand that pairing colours and prints appropriately is key. Take a look at 5 combinations that will never go out of style.
white shirt and black trouser combination
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White shirt + black trousers
This one is a no-brainer. On days when you need to look your professional best, a white shirt paired with black trousers will do the job nicely. Pick a tie to punctuate your look and stick to black accessories to create a cohesive outfit.


Olive-green shirt + brown trousers
If you like earthy colours, consider wearing a pair of brown trousers. Although they aren’t a popular choice, a rich chocolate-brown pair teamed with a basic olive-green shirt creates a perfect rustic look. Tan shoes are all you need to complete the combo.


blue shirt and khaki chinos style
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Light-blue shirt + khaki chinos
We say khaki, but you can stretch the definition to include tan and beige chinos too. Simply pair them with a light-blue button-down for the quintessential preppy formal look. Add a punchy tie and brogues to the mix and you can rely on this combination for a stressful Monday morning. Skip the tie, roll up the sleeves and you’re all set for a casual evening out after work.
Pink shirt + navy trousers
Pink and blue pair well together and there’s no reason why your work wardrobe shouldn’t benefit from this combination. A pastel pink button-down paired with navy formal trousers or chinos adds just the right amount of colour to your formal ensemble without seeming like an overkill.


stylish shirt pant combos for men
Light-blue shirt + grey trousers
Blue and grey are both colours that are essential to office-wear. A light-blue shirt when paired with light or dark grey trousers makes for a combination that is tried and tested. Turn to it on a morning when you’re fighting the clock and use simple black or tan accessories to round off the look.

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