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3 common shirt cuffs you should know about

Without a cuff, your formal shirt is simply incomplete. It may seem like a small aspect in comparison to other elements of your outfit, but it is the stiff cuff that gives your shirt a structured and more polished appearance. Take a look at 3 of the most popular kinds.
barrel cuff mens dress shirts
Barrel cuff
The simplest of the lot, the barrel cuff is the most basic variant, but still adds a formal touch to your dress shirt.
It is shorter than other cuffs and suits people with short arms as it lends the illusion of longer ones.
A barrel cuff can have 1 or 2 buttons, curved ends or a triangular shape that is formed when the buttons are fastened.


classy looking french cuff
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French cuff
If you’re an ardent fan of cufflinks, ensure that all your shirts come fitted with a French cuff.
✓ Also known as a double cuff, this one requires the fabric to be folded over, which is how the variant gets its name.
✓ It comes with holes that help fasten both layers of the cuff with the help of cufflinks and is broader than the barrel cuff.
✓ The most formal cuff of them all, its long length makes it perfect for wearing under a suit jacket, with just a little peeking through.
✓ Additionally, the French cuff can have squared, rounded or angled corners that form a triangular, arrow-head shape when fastened.
turnback cuffs mens dress shirt
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Turnback cuffs
✓ Also known as the James Bond cuff, this style combines the best of the barrel and French cuff.
✓ Like the French cuff, the fabric is doubled over, but instead of cufflinks, you can fasten it with 2 or 3 buttons depending on the length of the cuff.
✓ The cuff is designed in such a manner that you can appreciate the fold whilst catching a glimpse of the buttons.
✓ Interestingly, the cuff was first sported by Sean Connery in Bond film, Dr. No, which is why it is fondly called the Bond cuff.
✓ Although it might seem slightly vintage, the style is seeing a comeback.

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